Darrell Gray

   I spent 35 years in creative employment.  Much of that time was spent designing and building luxury homes in Sun Valley.  In the early 80’s I spent four years working in Miami for a company that converted large jets into flying palaces.  I also  worked refurbishing the interiors of cruise ships.  In 2000 my wife talked me into   taking a bronze casting class.  I was completely hooked on sculpting.  I soon expanded into other mediums.  My work experiences gave me many of  the skills I needed and gave me the fundamentals for learning new ones.

    My sculptures often combine four or five different mediums.  I work with copper, brass, forged and welded steel, stone , glass and other materials. I also incorporate light and movement in my projects.  I love the challenge of one of a kind unique pieces.  I incorporate mythological, archetypal, fanciful and nature themes in my sculptures..


 Lael Gray

    I have always been interested in art. My mother nurtured the freedom of self -expression with children’s art. Art was always encouraged from an early age.

    I received a Bachelors of Science degree in Design with a minor in art from the University of California at Davis. After College I went into commercial art. A few years later I opened my own business designing and Silkscreening T-shirts. While running the business, I started studying painting with local artist, Joe Abbrecia.  That led to more workshops at Scottsdale Artist School and other local teachers.

    Painting gives me the opportunity to express and share on canvas what inspires me in my life. I love many aspects of planet earth such as the mountains, animals, flowers, rivers and oceans as well as people.

   I have spent the last 35 years in Montana where nature surrounds me. Living in such a beautiful natural area gives me an endless amount of inspiration and subject matter for my paintings.